To say, “I am” without first uttering the words “you were”, is to deny my existence, as without you there is nothing to reflect my being. To conceptualize a reality without first seeking variation is to deny our existence, as without the refraction and the paths ever interjecting between us- there is no motion, there is no life, there is no evolution of light. The bosom of harmony where our thoughts and intellectual reality finds shelter in, strays far from what is the current dark physical reality upon us. The weakening of this duality within us paves the path for an understanding; the only order we are capable of observing in present times is the total evisceration of what we seek to nurture.

The union of mind and body, the definitive link holding together what is masculine and feminine is coming undone. We are no longer able to accept that without the refractions or reflections of light between one another and indeed within ourselves there is no peace, growth, evolution or harmony. The light has grown dim and the immeasurable darkness has steadily crept upon us, blanketing our reality with its stagnant nature. We are no longer able to reflect the duality between one another, as we are no longer able to see in the darkness. 

We have steadily slaughtered the love of nurturing for our evolution. We have consistently removed the desire to care for. In this darkness we have destroyed steadily the feminine, the mother, the sister- the woman. She finds herself caged with a monster created by a world void of compassion. The ideologies born of ego and death pushes itself in and out of her taking what light and humanity she nurtured as a mother would her child- a woman between the darkness and light.